It's been half a year of peace. Families are healing, new lords and ladies are growing accustomed to their lands, and things seem to be looking up for the Seven Kingdoms. The young and beautiful Queen Daenerys Targaryen sits on the Iron Throne, dealing out justice at the hands of her dragons, with her young son and heir, Rhaego, at her side, drawing all kinds of attention with his dark Dothraki hair, but creamy pale skin and the violet eyes of his mother. The wars have finally drawn to a close, leaving a war-torn Westeros in its wake. But they're at peace at last... or so it seems.

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Anonymous said: This RP is extremely similar to my friends RP, powerandvengeance. I told her about this. Did you copy?

I know I’ve been super inactive on this page— and I’m working on that, but there were some personal issues to take care of. But to start off my return to this rp, I would like to answer this question.

First of all, I am honored that you would see any resemblance, but, honestly, I did not even know powerandvengeance was still active. Months ago, I’d looked at joining that rp— long before I started this rp. But did I copy? No, not at all. I’m not sure what you think I have copied, as I have not been to the aforementioned rp’s page, but if it is the plot— that is more of a hodgepodge of ideas from the plethora of fanfictions I have read, but mainly it stems from a conversation I had with a friend on how different things would be if Rhaego had a twin that lived. As for the timeline, well, to be honest, I wanted Renly alive— that is literally the entire reason the complete canon-ness of this rp only goes through the first book, and after that, I added years not only to age everybody up some, but also to make the length of the war more reasonable.

If you still believe that I copied this rp, by all means, believe that. But I solemnly swear all similarities, if there are any, are purely coincidental.

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Sansa Stark will be closing tomorrow at 8pm EST.

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Did I say next Friday? I meant this Friday.

No major changes were made to the existing bios, so they will not be reposted. Instead, I will begin posting them on a new promo blog tomorrow.

I will be posting four new bios as soon as possible, as well as any others who are requested. Those bios will be for:

As of now, only one character is taken (by me). We are now accepting auditions, but the 48 hour review period will not begin until tomorrow. I will also post a sample application for the character I am playing as soon as I can.

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all taken characters will be reopened unless the previous rper wishes to keep them. character bios will be edited and, depending on the edits, reposted, and new characters will be released. all should be completed by next friday.

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Shireen Baratheon || 14 || Prisoner || Open

One would think that, as the only child of Stannis Baratheon an Selyse Florent, Shireen would be well respected. Unfortunately for the young girl, this is not the case. As if having inherited the square jaw of her father and distinctively Florent ears of her mother was not bad enough, the poor child was plagued with greyscale when she was younger, leaving her face scarred and disgusting from the affliction. But despite all the odds against her, Shireen is a sweet girl, and understandably quite shy, and, if he can get past her less than perfect appearance, she would make some man a very good wife.

While growing up, little Shireen had very little company. Both of her parents treated her with a cold kind of courtesy or ignored her completely, and there were very few others around the wasteland that is Dragonstone who were of an age with her. The only real people she actually spent time with were her maester, whose presence she was quite fond of, and the fool, Patchface, who often said weird things and scared her immensely. When Stannis declared himself King, Shireen held onto a sliver of hope that she would find herself a friend in his Lord Bannermen. She did indeed find a few children her age who she spent time with and played with… but the influx of people also brought Melisandre, the strange red priestess that both of her parents seemed to love, but who scared her more than Patchface ever could.

When her family was taken prisoner by the Dragon Queen, Shireen was not surprised to be taken with them. She was, however, surprised by how kindly she was treated. Daenerys gave her a tower room instead of a cell, and, while it was not as nice as the other honored prisoners, it was much better than Shireen had dared hope for. Another pleasant surprise has been the amount of people around court who, like Shireen, never quite fit in, and she feels almost comforted by their presence. In some ways, she supposes she prefers captivity to the cruel life that was hers on Dragonstone.

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Rickon Stark || 8 || Lord of Winterfell || Open

Despite being the youngest, Rickon has always been the wildest of the Starks, and age has not changed that. Even though Rickon is now the same age Bran was when he lost the use of his legs, Rickon is untamed as his brothers never were. He is headstrong and fierce, and, although he has little real skill with a sword, he has many other ways of hurting someone, and he is more than fair with a bow and arrow. The direwolf that is almost always with him seems to constantly echo his moods, often in much more violent ways than the young Stark boy himself.

Like his brother Bran, Rickon is aware that he is a warg. Although he controls Shaggydog, his direwolf, more by accident than by deliberate skill most of the time, he knows that he has the talent, and when he has his wolf dreams, he is fully aware that they are real. While the Reed siblings focused their knowledge on Bran, Rickon was not without a teacher on all things magical and unnatural about him, except, in his case, his teachings came at the hands of a wildling woman who had been caught whilst escaping South, named Osha. Unlike the Reeds, Osha had actually seen wargs— or, as she called them, skinchangers— and she knows better how to interpret his green dreams, which he does indeed have, just not to the magnitude of his brother Bran.

The only thing Queen Daenerys has brought to Rickon is an excuse to travel. With Osha and a few choice guards, Rickon has begun travelling throughout some of the lesser lords and lands of the kingdoms, with Robb’s permission but not his mother’s. So far, Rickon has had the chance to visit and stay with for a short while only Greywater Watch, where he was very much enraptured by Meera and Jojen’s family. Much to his displeasure, though, his mother has demanded that he return to Winterfell for some time, though he is certain that his travels have not yet come to an end.

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Brienne of Tarth || 22 || Lady of Evenfall || Open

Had it not been for her appearance and severe lack of any feminine qualities, Brienne would have married quite well. As the only child of her father, the Lord of Evenfall, it came as a shock to many to find that the girl— and she was truly a girl, as much as she may despise it— preferred playing with swords than wearing dresses. Although she is shy and awkward at first glance, if you put a sword in her hand, Brienne is a force to be reckoned with. Due in part to the constant mockery and torment thrown her way, everything about Brienne seems to be awkward, but despite this, she is honest, loyal, and has a fierce determination, even if she is quite headstrong and judgmental at times.

The only man who treated Brienne as she truly deserved to be treated was one Renly Baratheon. For a women used to cruel taunts and names and mockery, the kindness of the young man was something new, something beautiful. Is it really so crazy that Brienne fell for him? After their first meeting, she has tried her damned hardest to earn the approval of Renly, and to get as close to him as she could manage. And manage she did. It did not take too long to prove her talent with a weapon to Renly, though many still seemed wary of her. She was named a part of his Rainbow Guard, though, despite many of his men’s attempted dissuasions. For what felt like the first time in her life, Brienne was truly happy— she was close to the man she loved, even if he would never love her back, and she was seen by many as a more than capable warrior.

When Brienne met Daenerys, the pair where immediately impressed by one another. They were both female warriors, after all, Dany with her dragons and Brienne with a sword and shield. They never really had the chance to become friends, but they do share a mutual respect for each other. With Renly no longer having need of her guarding, she has returned to her father for the time being, though she plans to visit Renly and see about joining his guards officially in the near future.

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Davos Seaworth || 43 || Prisoner || Open

Davos Seaworth is just a simple smuggler with a simple face. He was never meant to be a Lord. Somehow, though, he wound up as one, an honor that he still insists he does not deserve. Even after being made into a Lord, Davos never truly felt like one— he could not read, he could not write, he could scarcely tell whose banners where whose. In his mind, he would always be a smuggler. As his background suggests, Davos has quite the cunning and sharp mind, despite his lack of teaching at the hands of a maester. But despite that, Davos is an honest and loyal man, with a strong paternal instinct.

When Stannis declared himself King, Davos did not once question it. The way he saw it, his life was in debt to him, after all— he may have shortened his fingers by a joint, but it was a much better fate than having his body shortened by a head. It was not until the red priestess, Melisandre, became seemingly as attatched to Stannis’ side as his own shadow that he began to grow wary. Davos never did and never will trust the strange woman who sacrificed his gods to her strange Lord of Light. But still he did not question Stannis. In fact, the only time Davos ever questioned Stannis’ judgement was when he was named Hand of the King. It was still unusual being a Lord, to become a King’s Hand as well seemed too obscene. While, yes, he offered good counsel, and, also yes, he was probably the only man who always told Stannis the truth of the matter, there had to be many others who would have fit the position much better.

It came to Davos as no great surprise when the Dragon Queen had him captured. After all, he was one of the men who tried to steal her throne’s most loyal supporter and Hand. He supposes he has been treated much better than he probably deserves; in truth, his previous crimes as a smuggler should have resulted in confinement to a cell as bad as the one he is currently in, and he feels that he might be more deserving of something worse. Not that he will complain, of course, but he cannot help but be intrigued by this new Queen of theirs and her choices.

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Melisandre || Unknown || Prisoner || Open

Melisandre of Asshai is a mystery, plain and simple. Everything about her seems to be red, seems to pull focus, but at the same time, it all seems to warn people that something strange is amiss with her. Though it is quite possibly all a disguise, Melisandre takes care to present herself as the mystery that she is, both serene and powerful in equal parts. There are many things Melisandre is sure of, namely that her god, R’hllor, the Lord of Light, is the one true god. The two other things she is completely certain will not fail her are her magical abilities— something which many men fear and mistrust, not without reason— and herself.

In her flames, Melisandre believed that she saw a prophecy proclaiming that Stannis Baratheon was Azor Ahai reborn. With this prophecy in mind, she set sail for Dragonstone. Once there, she quickly swayed his Queen and her men to her beliefs, though Stannis was a bigger challenge. Eventually, though, Stannis gave himself over to her god and accepted her seemingly crazy prophecy. It soon became well known that Stannis’ rule was more at the hands of the red priestess than his own, which led to both of them growing progressively more disliked within the realm. Despite their almost nonexistent following, Melisandre is confident that her god will somehow find a way to win the war for Stannis.

This mindset continued even when both Melisandre and Stannis were taken prisoner. Prison did not sit well for the Lady Melisandre. At first, she cursed so loudly that she could be heard across the dungeons, cursing the men that held her captive and insisting that her god would punish them. The first few days, Melisandre was provided with a torch within her cell, and she stared at it day in and day out. The guards soon learned from their mistake, and they have kept her away from fire since then. Even so, Daenerys has not yet visited her, as she has visited almost all of the other prisoners. In truth, Daenerys is a bit afraid of the strange red woman, a fact which Melisandre is, somehow, well aware of.

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