It's been half a year of peace. Families are healing, new lords and ladies are growing accustomed to their lands, and things seem to be looking up for the Seven Kingdoms. The young and beautiful Queen Daenerys Targaryen sits on the Iron Throne, dealing out justice at the hands of her dragons, with her young son and heir, Rhaego, at her side, drawing all kinds of attention with his dark Dothraki hair, but creamy pale skin and the violet eyes of his mother. The wars have finally drawn to a close, leaving a war-torn Westeros in its wake. But they're at peace at last... or so it seems.

Lysa Arryn || 37 || Lady of the Vale || Open

Poor, mad Lysa Arryn. Poor, young, beautiful Lysa Tully, married to old Jon Arryn. All this and more has been said both to and about Lysa Arryn. While, yes, she was married at a very young age to the Lord Jon Arryn of the Vale, she was not always as crazy as she now comes across.

When she was a young girl in Riverrun, Lysa was happy, and got along well with her siblings and family. Little did she know that one Petyr Baelish would be her downfall, though. For years, she was stricken with love for him, and when he lost his duel for her sister’s hand— and, gods, how his affection for the other Tully girl hurt her— she was there to comfort him. But when he got a baby in her belly, her father quickly gave her moon tea and soon after sent her to the Vale to produce an heir for Lord Jon.

Lysa never loved Jon, not that her father (or anyone, really) expected her to. Her displeasure increased with every miscarriage, and her sanity slowly decreased. When she finally managed to birth Robert, a boy with many illnesses who barely made it past infancy, let alone the years after, she was what some considered mad. For years, she babied her son, even after he grew of an age where that was no longer appropriate. When her Lord husband died, her motherly instinct increased, and her treatment of Robert became worrisome to the point that there was talk of forcibly taking the young Lord from her custody.

No one ever did manage to take her baby away from her, though, and eventually she did begin treating him more appropriately, though by no means appropriate enough. And then, suddenly, the Dragon Queen was there. Lady Lysa was allowed to keep her son and her lands, due to her husband being long dead and the pair swearing their allegiance very quickly. While she never let the Vale declare for anyone, and stayed out of the war, she did not hesitate to follow whoever the winner was. Now, though, the new Queen has offered to foster her Robert with the queen’s own son, a matter which Lysa will not readily agree to.

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